Stretching Benefits

Stretching benefits the body before a rigorous workout. The body is capable of so much! Flexibility is essential for being able to do simple everyday actions, like picking up something you’ve dropped, zipping up the back of your favorite dress, and reaching a book on a top shelf. And if you’re having difficulty with these normal activities, it could mean that you simply need to stretch your limits.

So what is stretching? Stretching is the act of extending your body, in full or in part. It’s a skill anyone can do, regardless of age – although, you may need to work harder as you get older to maintain the same level of flexibility. It’s also a great way to prepare for physical activity, like sports and workouts.

Stretching doesn’t have to be time-consuming – you can incorporate it into your everyday schedule in just 10 minutes! But it’s important not to push yourself too far. If you stretch for more than 30 minutes, you may find you start to fatigue your muscles, which won’t be helpful when you’re about to start a rigorous activity. You have to find the right balance when conducting your stretching routine before you exercise.
When you do find this balance, your workouts will be easier and you will have a lot less soreness after your workout.
Beyond flexibility, there are lots of great benefits that come with regular stretching. It can help improve your range of movement, so you can perform skills with greater ease; reduce the risk of injury; loosen up tight muscles; boost energy levels, so you feel more motivated to move around; and even lower your cholesterol.

So don’t miss out on the amazing advantages of stretching! It doesn’t take much effort – just 10 minutes a day – so make sure to fit it into your lifestyle and keep your body healthy and fit.

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